yet another blog attempt!

For my first post on my new blog, I’ll have to confess this isn’t my first blogging rodeo. I’ve tried so many times to get started with my writing, but nothing much has ever come from it; just a bunch of half-arsed whiny bits and pieces not amounting to much. I think I’m going to change that now.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts in this little (big) head of mine and I’d like to get them out into the universe properly. I plan to write about several different topics, and whatever is relevant at the time. So things like music, what’s in the news, arts and crafts, places I go to, and mine and my pals own mini-adventures or stories.

I’m twenty-two and I’m working a full time job at a bank right now to save up to go travelling around the world next year. I’m about as undecided as a person can be, as I don’t know what I want to do for a living, or where I want to live, but I’ve been told a lot when I say this that at my age I don’t have to know, so I’m just going to carry on agreeing with those people.

I have lots of different hobbies and likes and I can’t really decide on a favorite out of them either. The few things that I enjoy completely and without any pressure to perform well or make myself do them, are listening to my favourite music and discovering new tunes and reading a good book.

Music is so important to me and it always has been. My whole life has had a continuous soundtrack to accompany it and it changes and evolves as my world does as well, sometimes becoming darker and giving me a cocoon to heal in, and other times bringing me light and energy to help me revel in my happy times. It’s always been more than a ‘like’ or an ‘interest’; for me, music is a therapy. It’s a necessity. I think it’s the ultimate form of communication at it’s most personal and revealing, because when people can’t say something out loud, they’ll sing it in a song, providing a dialogue to millions of others in the same breath. My favourite band might seem like a typical choice; Arctic Monkeys. For me, it’s not about the big indie hits they’ve had or the fact the lead singer sang with an accent. Their attraction and the magic of their music comes from the truth that their music is for the sake of loving music and no other agenda. It is the inner thoughts and musings of a young man among pals, baring his soul and expressing his mind in such a pure way. It inspires me to create, whether that be creating music, or writing a blog or making a piece of art, but it encourages me to do something that is completely me and myself and pure.

I would also like to say that I accept and love and encourage anyone from any background. I am a firm believer that no matter what sexuality, nationality, gender, race, or religion a person is we should all be equal in each others eyes. It’s a sad reality that it isn’t the case in this world at the moment, but I live and fight for the days when it will be a reality.

And with that my first post is complete and I feel a little bit accomplished already.





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