About a week before this gig I was scrolling through the app Bandsintown looking for I don’t know what, and up on the suggestions appeared Temples. Having downloaded just one of their songs, “Certainty” pretty much straight away after hearing it on BBC 6music for the first time, I knew they were a band I was eager to see. The chilled out psych rock, wavy vibes are addictive and I played that tune over and over. So when I saw they were in Manchester Academy 2 in a weeks time and there were still tickets (at a fantastic £14 as well) I immediately got 2 and told my sister we were going.

Fast forward to the gig and it was full of young things in groovy garms ready for a few hours of trip inducing tunes. The support were on when we arrived,  Creatures, not to be mistaken for the Siouxsie and the Banshees off-shoot band, but rather a cowboy-fashion-clad 5 piece with some great songs that went down well with the already quite packed room.  They had fantastic style and were a great start to the evening.

Temples arrived on stage at about 9pm and opened up with ‘All Join In’ from Volcano, their most recent album. It’s got a massive intro so was a great choice to start everything off,  it got everyone bouncing with anticipation as they strung it out for longer than the studio version while they all got set up. Front man and guitarist James Bagshaw was in a spectacular sequined sparkly blazer which I appreciated greatly. His voice is really good live, especially since he’s singing in quite a high key all the time, it’s impressive and sounds effortless.

The rest of the set was mostly the new album, with a few oldies from their debut thrown in. The highlights were definitely ‘Certainty’, the finisher before the encore ‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’, and the final song ‘Shelter Song’ when the crowd we’re absolutely loving it. One thing you notice in their playing is they don’t need to look at each other at all even with the countless synths, guitars and everything else going on in their set. They’ve got telepathy between them which just makes for a great performance, watching such a tight band. Their music puts you under a spell, makes you want to close your eyes and sway and dance like a hippie in a field.

As mentioned, they’re currently touring the second album Volcano, released on 3rd March this year on Heavenly Records. For an album only just released it seemed ambitious to fill most of the set list with it, but the crowd knew every song they played which shows a dedicated following. The album was recorded in a home studio and self-produced which blew my mind when I found this out. It sounds incredibly professional regardless of how it was made so these guys definitely know what they’re doing.

I’d definitely recommend checking them out, especially if you’re into bands like Tame Impala, Jagwar Ma, The Lemon Twigs or The Wytches. They’re currently finishing up on their European tour, then heading off to America and then finally doing the rounds of the festival circuit. I’m heading to Glastonbury this year and was very happy to hear they’ll be making an appearance on Worthy Farm this summer.

So go buy the album (with money don’t steal it online).




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